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  1. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Nov 07, 2014

    Quote by vampireprince excuse me miss pandemonium91 what do you mean *Why the black bars?* this is my wall i can design it the way i want but are you thinking that because of the bars i'm hiding something ok here's the wall without the bars in my photobucket account

    and here's my account in pixiv
    i asked the owner in a PM message i waited a whole month for the owner when i sent the message just look in my other walls i always credit the owners of the vectors i use and i have never been asked to provide proof if you don't mind do you think that i'm a thief ? sometimes when i leave them a message some of them reply and some of them do not reply but as long as they know i'm using their works it's ok because i didn't do it beside their backs i've been walling for 6 years now and i'm aware of this stuff ..long ago artists told me first that i should always tell the owners that i'm using their vectors and credit them in my walls so they won't get upset.. so don't worry miss pandemonium91

    I am asking for proof because we don't want any trouble with Pixiv - see this announcement for more info. You crediting the artists isn't the issue here (although it's very good that you do give credit); if the Pixiv artist doesn't give explicit permission, then it's like the waller used their art without their knowing.

    This is a more delicate situation and this is why I asked for proof. Honestly, a screenshot of the artist saying "OK, you can use it" is enough evidence. I am not calling you a thief; these are steps that we have to take to ensure there isn't any trouble with Pixiv artists.

    As for the "why the black bars?" part of the comment, I was referring to the reason you added them in. To me, they look unnecessary to the rest of the wall - but again, it's your work. Definitely did not mean to imply you were using them to hide something (what). Again, to me, the Photobucket version you linked to looks much better than the one with black bars.

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